Thursday, March 26, 2009

California Academy of Sciences-Fish in the Aquarium

On a first time visit to the Aquarium at the new California Academy of Science in Golden Gate Park I was reminded of why it's important that I go beyond the walls of my office to experience the out doors, nature, fish even bus rides that travel off Market Street that took me to the museum. Writing is all about outputs but one needs inputs to write.

Creative Life

Albert Einstein wrote, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
For me these days my overall goal is to allow my imagination to soar beyond my wildest dreams and let it overflow into my writing life and my consulting life.

It’s so easy for us to get mired in the day-to-day challenges of blending life, work and creativity even if our lives and work are enmeshed in a creative life style. The pulls to get it all done right now, get it to an audience right now, and get paid right now are factors that drive our larger society, even those of us whom move creatively.

I’m feeling the need to step back, to breathe and allow a fresh pair of rested eyes to see the long view of my creative life. What will it look like ten years from now? This week I felt a modicum of success because I heard back from each of my clients. There were several hearty exchanges from two and the one less so. Still each seemed genuinely excited for us to work together. One goal I have for myself in reference to my clients is to read their goals as if I my eyes could hear them speaking. It seems to implement an extra sensatory can only aid in my ability to really hone in the real stuff that might block their creative progress.

Perhaps this same process can be applied to my own goals of 1) finding multiple consulting gigs, 2) not being to hard on myself when I sit to write for three hours and produce one page, 3) to chalk up to experience that one poorly managed nonprofit doesn’t equate all, 4) to see past my fears and ask everybody I know if they need my services. Okay—not EVERY ONE, but lots and lots of ones.

For now—perhaps just this moment, I’ve decide that my imagination will serve me, it will comfort me, help me see with unimpaired eyes to hold a vision of creativity far beyond the abilities I house. Is there a better place to live?